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Project: Color Me Beautiful

Project Color me Beautiful is a challenge that invites you to share your triumph over whatever fear, failure, or demon that once had you down.

My name is Gessie Belizaire and the idea for Project Color me Beautiful first came to me in 2011 when I was recovering from an extended hospital stay.  I could remember wanting to physically be colored in just like a crayon to a coloring book so that I could be made to feel beautiful both internally and externally.  My inside thoughts screamed, “if only I could color myself beautifully, then all would be right with myself and the world around me.” I can recall wanting, in that moment, to really will myself to better health and it was that deep want that began my road to recovery.

I want Project Color me Beautiful to do for others what it has done for me.  I want it to reach people from around the world in a positive way.

The Rules

When to share: Anytime; it is never too late to share.  Stories will be shared on this blog every third Saturday of the month.

What to share: Share a moment in your life where you have triumphed over something, someone , a circumstance, etc.  Make sure to include in your sharing where you were mentally and describe how you were able to color yourself beautifully out of that mental space.

How: email your story with the subject line reading Project Color me Beautiful

What’s Left: If you want to share your story but wish to conceal your identity come up with an alias and any details needed to conceal your identity.

So what do you say, do you accept the challenge?

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